Today and tomorrow…


The sustainable development leads us to a wider vision of the future where the balance between growth and human wellbeing have to meet.

This vision implies important behavior changes for each us to maintain an harmonious balance.

Bardahl commits itself

  • BARDAHL fuel additives take part in the reduction of the polluting fume emissions by cars.
  • BARDAHL lubricants allow for a spacing-up of car maintenance operations and therefore contribute to a decreased disposal of waste.
  • BARDAHL range of products include non flammable and food degreasers limiting the rejections of Volatime Organic Compounds.
  • BARDAHL anticipates and meets the European standards concerning the formulation and the labelling of its additive and lubricants.
  • BARDAHL products are provided with a tactile index to prevent the risks of misuse by persons with visual impairment.
  • BARDAHL takes part in the Eco-friendly packaging program for household packaging waste recycling.
  • BARDAHL products are manufactured in a new factory which respects and exceeds the current environmental standards.

Bardahl commits istself to reforest within 3 years


The certification shows our ongoing commitment to minimize our impact on the environnment.
BARDAHL commits itself for the prevention and recycling of waste.