Bardahl fullerene molecule C60

BARDAHL is the first company in the world that applied the fullerene chemistry in the lubricants sector. Fullerene spheres work as micro-palliers, indeformable and extremely stables: by penetrating between the surfaces in contact, they facilitate they facilitate the movement and reduce frictions.

The efficiency of the Bardahl formula is particularly important in the extreme lubrication limits:

– Cold starting of the engine (mainly responsible for wear)

– Difficult fonctionning conditions

Laboratory tests have shown that the BARDAHL formula reduces frictions and unitl 70% of the wear during startup and util 34% while running.

Bardahl commits itself

The effectiveness of the BARDAHL formula lies in its triple action against wear, friction reduction and deposits.

– This formula creates a thick layer of lubricant on the surface to be protected.

– Polar molecules form a second line of defense against wear because ‘they reduce friction and deposits.

– Furthermore, C60 Fullerene was added to the BARDAHL formula: fullerene molecules act as micro-spherical cushions and provide the ultimate protection of the mechanism.